The Daily Scoop: States Reassess Opposition to Health Insurance Exchanges

As more information becomes available and studies contribute to the understanding of the Affordable Health Care Act many are seeing its benefits to consumers and small businesses. Recent studies illustrate how many markets are dominated by one or two insurers which severly limit consumer choices. The health insurance exchanges will inject much needed competition into those markets providing choices many do not have under the current system.

From Washington Post
In Georgia, like many other Southern states, opposition to the new federal health-care law runs deep. Yet a conservative committee of experts has, without rancor, outlined a plan to give the state a health insurance exchange, a cornerstone of the legislation enacted last year.
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4 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: States Reassess Opposition to Health Insurance Exchanges”

  1. Ya know,… I think we think alike.
    One of us should be worried.
    I want to write about what you are writing about.
    Good job.

  2. Hopefully the provisions of the law will mostly take effect and we will learn what works and doesn’t and improve it over time. People may also get an understanding of what the law does rather than have a sound bite like, government takeover of healthcare, in their heads.

    • That’s what I envision happening… some trial and error. I remember reading a bit about the UK’s national health system and how that evolved overtime as they fine tuned it. I can’t imagine any practical minded person thinking a reform of a system as complex as our would be perfect the 1st time around.

      And yeah you’re right we do need to get beyond the sound bites and misinformation.

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