Inspiring Realism

Stepping away from politics, the constant arguments, the inevitable frustrations I offer up a trade, at least for a while, of some inspiring realism.  I stumbled upon this on a subscriber’s blog, “The Millennial Woman”. It’s a piece by Sarah Kay, a performance poet, dispensing advice advice to her future daughter, what to do when life knocks you down.

For anyone facing the trials of these tough economic circumstances or knows of someone who is simply in need of a few positive words, find a bit of time and listen to, at least, the first 4 minutes. Allow yourself a view of a different perspective that just may lead to some positive steps forward.

If you have any problems viewing the video you can find it here.

5 Comments to “Inspiring Realism”

  1. Thanks for the post! Great speech with wonderful use of language to get thoughts across!

  2. Wow… She is incredible.
    (Coincidentally, I am able to us her as inspiration for my poetry portfolio due at the end of this week – so thanks for that, too!) 🙂

  3. I found the TED series of talks a little over a year ago.
    Simply one of the best things out there, as a whole.
    Newt “the smartest guy in the room”, wouldn’t be close to being the smartest guy in the building where this group of people is concerned.
    And I”m including the audiences AND the janitors in that statement.

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