Climate Change 101: Climate vs Weather

One consistant observation noted when climate change debates break out is the use of weather by the opposition, (or deniers)  as “evidence” that global warming (more accurately climate change) is not real. This usually comes in the form of “the coldest winter on record” or “the most snowfall in a decade”. But therein lies the inherent misunderstand of what climate change actually is. Below is a simply visual by Ole Christoffer Haga which illustrates the difference between these two terms often used interchangeably albeit inaccurately.


3 Comments to “Climate Change 101: Climate vs Weather”

  1. A simple, yet effective animation.

  2. An excellent analogy.

    Unfortunately, climate change is an example of science victimized by politics.

    The pure “deniers” are wrong. The pure “alarmists” are just as wrong.

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