The Daily Scoop: EPA map lets you find out who’s polluting in your town

As the EPA has slowly been crafting its new rules to regulate global-warming emissions, one of the crucial first steps has involved getting a basic sense of where the pollution’s actually coming from.

Back in 2009, the agency required all large greenhouse-gas emitters — any power plant, refinery, or other facility that puts out more than 25,000 metric tons per year — to report their emissions. And today the EPA has unveiled a interactive online map that lets people check out the major polluters in their area (the emissions data are all from 2010).
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One Comment to “The Daily Scoop: EPA map lets you find out who’s polluting in your town”

  1. I, for one, am an environmentalist. Always have been. I spend a lot of time in some of the most remote places in the continental United States and can confirm unequivocally that we Americans are screwing up our environment everywhere and we better do something about it NOW.

    I also know from personal experience that corporations and the government are the biggest offenders.

    That being said, I hasten to add that we as a nation are absolutely wasting time, energy and untold billions barking up the wrong tree. Atmospheric CO2 emissions are not our biggest problem.

    The EPA publishing a list of CO2 offenders for mindless “alarmists” to march back and forth past their front gates carry signs is a total wasted effort!

    Those same protesters could do infinitely more good for the planet by directing their energy toward picking up trash in their local communities.

    But that’s not gonna happen… that would be real work and protesting is easier and much more fashionable.

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