The Daily Scoop: Medicare Seen as Battleground Issue in Congressional Races

WASHINGTON — A Republican plan to remake Medicare, set forth in a budget blueprint devised by Representative Paul D. Ryan, has largely faded from public view. But it is about to come back in a big way as Democrats try to win control of the House by battering Republicans over Medicare in Congressional races around the country.

House Republicans voted overwhelmingly last year for the “Ryan budget,” which would give Medicare beneficiaries a fixed amount of money to buy coverage from competing private health plans.

Democrats are using the Medicare issue to attack Republicans, just as Republicans used it to beat Democrats two years ago.
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6 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: Medicare Seen as Battleground Issue in Congressional Races”

  1. Since the release of Michael Moore’s 2007 film, Sicko, I am astounded that any Republicans can continue to defend the status quo in the US, especially by criticising the far-from-perfect system we have in the UK as being a communist-inspired race-to-the-bottom etc., etc.. On the contrary, privatised healthcare is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Capitalism and the idolisation of the Self.

    • I don’t understand the logic they’re using to defend the current health care system here in the US. Well, actually I guess I can… it fits into the typcial American freedom and individuality narrative but neglects to take into account the reality of the problems we’re facing. I’d love to have a single-payer, universal care system like the UK and much of Europe has. I remember a few conversations that came up while I was living in Spain on the topic of health care. My friends there had a decent idea of how the US’s systems operated and got the feeling they felt sorry for me having to live within it. They were quite happy with the care they received there.
      For profit health care is just not conducive to benefiting the general public.

      And speaking of illogical defense of the status quo, did you see this article yesterday?–abc-news.html

  2. Saying the Democrats are using the Medicare issue against the Republicans as a tit for tat is very simplistic, don’t you think? The Ryan plan converts Medicare/Medicaid into voucher programs administered by some for-profit corporation(s). And that would benefit the American poor, aged, and disabled how?

    • I think the NY Times article is getting at is, at first glance there may be an air of revenge on the Democrats’ part but they intend to delve into the more substantive aspects of the debate as the election season moves forward and congressional contests heat up.

      “And that would benefit the American poor, aged, and disabled how?”

      I don’t see how it would benefit anyone.

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