The Daily Scoop: 5 Myths about Planned Parenthood

By Clare Coleman

I was a Planned Parenthood affiliate chief executive, supervising a network of clinics in New York state, during the early days of this terrible recession. We ran deficits, cut hours, closed centers and laid off staff members. In a recession, things get very difficult — more and more people are in need, while government funds lag and donations dwindle. But still we did not turn patients away, even if they could not pay. At the same time, we had to fight political battles to preserve women’s rights to basic care and information about their sexual health.

Amid the debate, let’s address some of the misperceptions about this nearly 100-year-old health-care organization.
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2 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: 5 Myths about Planned Parenthood”

  1. I read the rest of the article in the link (thank you!), and it amazes me how ignorant so many people are towards what PP does for women (and men). And anybody that says 90% of what PP does is a very hateful liar as I’m sure they know that’s not the truth. They just hate so much they’re willing to spread false data to serve their own selfish needs. I’m 47 now, but when I was 16, I went to PP to start using birth control pills. I did not have the kind of mother I could talk to about sex, and I did not want to end up pregnant like my best friend at that time. PP made sure that didn’t happen. I owe them my college degrees and my career because they were there.

    • It is truly amazing how the facts of this issue a simply dismissed by so many. It seems they are so hung up on the hate you mentioned that it really does block out the realities of the situation.

      Perhaps if more people spoke about their stories like yours the facts could start chipping away at that astigmatism the other side has created.

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