The Daily Scoop: Seniors Saving On Rx Drugs As A Result Of Health Reform

The Affordable Care Act has produced $2.1 billion in prescription drug savings for nearly 4 million seniors and people with disabilities who were enrolled in Medicare Part D in 2011, a new Obama administration report finds. The savings are the result of a provision in the health care law that provides a 50 percent discount for brand-name drugs and 14 percent discount for generic brands to Medicare beneficiaries in the so-called “doughnut hole.”  Seniors can expect greater savings as the law completely closes the coverage gap over time.
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8 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: Seniors Saving On Rx Drugs As A Result Of Health Reform”

  1. If the Democrats can do a better job of explaining this so people understand this, how will the Republicans be able to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act? It could be like Komen and Planned Parenthood!

    • I think that has been the problem all along. The Democrats have not created those easy to understand and/or repeatable talking points. While it is frustrating that messages need to be whittled down to that extent, but it’s obviously the trend that has evolved over the last decade or so.
      You’re right, a campaign like what happened with the Komen/Planned Parenthood would definitely go a long way to spreading the information.

    • No matter what some in the press claim, “It’s Half Time In America” won’t do it. A TV campaign showing Republicans attempting to slash healthcare benefits at every turn, from pushing for repeal of the AHCA to Komen and PP would be effective. Of a simple graphic showing what seniors pay now for prescription drugs thanks to Obama, and how much prices will be jacked up again should the Repubs make reform go away. It will play well in Florida.

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  3. Reblogged this on Under The LobsterScope and commented:
    When you listen to these Republicans saying how much they are looking forward to stopping President Obama’s Health Care reform on their first day in office, you have to wonder if any of them have spoken to senior citizens like me who have large medical expenses. The facts speak for themselves. Who do Mitt and Newt speak for?

    • btchakir> You know I doubt any of them actually are speaking to Seniors, at least not to those outside their voting block. So they are not seeing the bigger picture.

      Thank you for reblogging this and stopping by. I had a look through your site too. You post a wide range of articles there and love the cartoons of the week. I will have to stop by regularly 🙂

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