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February 13, 2012

The Daily Scoop: Religion vs. Vaccinations

The Superiority Complex of Vaccination Foes

Another fight is erupting over public education and vaccination requirments, this time in Queens. Unlike with most anti-vaccination situations, the objections aren’t coming from people whose faith in organic foods purchased at yuppie-tested enviroments are better disease prevention than vaccines, but from people returning to Old Faithful, the God card. The schools tolerate religous nuts who deprive their children of basic disease prevention most of the time, but if there are communicable diseases going around, unvaccinated kids have to go to keep the situation from getting worse. Now the parents are pitching a fit, unwilling to actually take responsibility for the faith they claim to hold so dear.
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February 13, 2012

Poll Update: Romney hemorrhaging independents

The Washington Post:
Greg Sargent digs into the latest Pew poll:

In November, Romney was beating Obama among [independents], 53-41. Now those numbers are upside down: Obama is beating Romney among them, 51-42. That’s a net 19 point net swing of independents in Obama’s direction in three months.

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