Poll Update: Romney hemorrhaging independents

The Washington Post:
Greg Sargent digs into the latest Pew poll:

In November, Romney was beating Obama among [independents], 53-41. Now those numbers are upside down: Obama is beating Romney among them, 51-42. That’s a net 19 point net swing of independents in Obama’s direction in three months.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum is leading in Michigan.

The mounting danger for Romney is that his candidacy will lose its central justification: That he’s the most electable Republican in the field.  Readers know I’ve long been bullish on Romney’s prospects, but if Santorum can pull out a win in Michigan, and Romney’s numbers keep sliding, it becomes hard to see how he pulls this out.

5 Comments to “Poll Update: Romney hemorrhaging independents”

  1. Thanks for this!

  2. Poor Mitt. Even if he does come out of primary season on top, in the end, he comes out a heavily damaged brand. He will be viewed as a coreless panderer (for lack of a better phrase) AND be tainted by his party’s social conservative wing which is turning off independents in droves.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking too. Mitt will have so much back pedaling to do it’s doubtful anyone will buy into it. You’re right it will, and looks like it already has, damaged him with independents.

  3. Here in the UK, BBC television screened a 30-minute programme entitled “Poor America” (presented by American journalist Hillary Andersson), which listed all the things that have not really gone to plan since Obama was elected: 50 million without health insurance, people standing in line all night to get emergency advice and/or treatment, 1.5 million homeless, and welfare departments sending people to join the ranks of those living in tent cities in the woods…

    Despite it all, right-wing think tanks like the Heritage Foundation claim the degree of relative poverty in the USA should not concern people. Sure, very few are dying but, the majority of those in trouble are not where they are because of their own laziness or stupidity. How can people be so incredibly heartless? I can feel a new blog post coming on “All that is wrong with the idea of a Meritocracy”

    Please don’t see this as me just criticising the USA, we may have what the GOP try and dismiss as quasi-Communist “socialized medicare” here; but our society is very far from being perfect. Nevertheless, I do hope that Obama can win this Presidential election and unpick the stranglehold the GOP has on Capitol Hill. If he does not, I am very fearful about what will have happened to America and the World by 2017.

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