The Daily Scoop: Regulations Create Jobs, Too

Vilified on the campaign trail, government rules often create as many jobs as they kill.

When the Obama Administration announced tough new pollution regulations for power plants last year, the industry loudly protested. They say electricity prices will spike 12 percent, dozens of plants will close, and thousands of workers will lose their jobs. “This rule is the most extensive intervention into the power market and job market that EPA has ever attempted to implement,” says Scott Segal, a lobbyist at Bracewell & Giuliani, which represents the utility Southern Co. He argues the regulation will “undermine job creation in the United States.”

Tell that to Cal Lockert, the vice-president of Breen Energy Solutions, a Pittsburgh manufacturer of equipment that absorbs acid gases to keep them from spilling out of smokestacks. Lockert spends his days persuading power companies that he can help them bring some of their oldest, dirtiest plants in line with the federal requirements.
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2 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: Regulations Create Jobs, Too”

  1. Never thought of regs as job creators, but I make a living making sure my agency complies with HUD regs – and I have a staff. And it isn’t just mindless because we use the money to good al kinds of good things around the city.

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