The Daily Scoop: How (and How Not) to Jumpstart an Economy

With a healthy dose of 20/20 hindsight Michael Grabell presents a quality assessment of the Stimulus Bill’s impacts and the lessons we can learn from its implementation mistakes.

The polarized rhetoric of the 2012 election cycle presents voters with a false choice of whether the government can create jobs or should just get out of the way. The real debate should be about which policies work and which don’t.

I spent three years reporting on the $840 billion stimulus plan that the Obama administration pushed through Congress in 2009. My conclusion: government can create jobs — it just doesn’t often do it well.
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2 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: How (and How Not) to Jumpstart an Economy”

  1. The spending part of the Stimulus worked to create jobs. The problem is that 1/3 of the Stimulus was tax cuts put in to appease Republicans and to get 2 votes: more than $100 billion per vote.

    • Ben, sorry for the delay on approving this comment but I just happened to check my spam folder and it was in there for some reason.

      Thanks for the comment and I agree…the tax cuts were a costly compromise. We could have just put that cash into the recovery instead of sending straight to the debt side of the ledger.

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