The Daily Scoop: Energy Policy; Romney vs. Obama

Today, on the Daily Scoop, we’re looking a two perspectives on gas prices and energy prices. From North Dakota, Mitt Romney criticized the President’s energy policy prior to Obama’s speech in New Hampshire where he touted the accomplishments of his administration’s actions.

What is your assessment of the current situation?

Romney Delivers Counter Argument to Obama’s Energy Speech
FARGO, N.D. – On the same day President Obama will deliver a speech on energy in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney pivoted his stump speech to focus on that very subject, accusing Obama of not understanding energy, much like he often accuses him of not understanding the economy.

“This is a president who does not understand energy. He is the problem; he is not the solution.
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Obama fervently backs his energy policy in New Hampshire speech
NASHUA — President Obama, in his second visit in about three months to the election battleground state of New Hampshire, fired back today at intensifying criticism from his Republicans rivals over his energy policy and rising gas prices.

Stating that his administration has helped decrease foreign oil dependence and stepped up domestic oil production, Obama said rising gas prices are a function of global markets, including instability in the Middle East, particularly Iran, that no president can fully control.

Obama reiterated his argument that the nation must recommit itself to an all-of-the-above approach, meaning a commitment to both exploration drilling for fossil fuels and developing new sustainable forms of energy.
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8 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: Energy Policy; Romney vs. Obama”

  1. First and foremost, THANK YOU for taking time to wonder about.
    It’s interesting that you mentioned the Dakota area, do you remember the President of a University committing suicide because they found his school passing degrees to CHINESE students that WEREN’T in class, but had parents connected to China’s industrials that “saw” to the energy needs?
    Keep tracking, you leave good bread-crumbs.

    • omegetymon> I had not heard of that event. It’s unfortunate someone would feel motivated to commit suicide over something like that.

      Thank you for the comment!

      • You’ve got a potential mental “bomb” factory at your fingertips, now all you need is supplies. If you have access to firefox’s ZOTERO IT will “research” for a query. It’s an MIT built “toy”.

  2. Interestingly, yesterday I did a post on gas prices …. …. then on the same day, I heard Speaker Boehner’s news conference, Leader Pelosi’s news conference, and President Obama’s NH speech. Regarding gas prices, both Boehner and Pelosi missed the boat, while the president was much more accurate. However, the president also got into energy policy – which is subject to debate (as a topic) UNLIKE gas prices. Well done.

  3. Most annoying is that Obama has actually reduced how much oil we have to import, increased what we drill here and opened up more leases than Bush did.

    What are these people talking about????

    • I think it goes along with this invented, alternate Obama that his opponents have created to be this boogeyman they need to drive from office. It’s the Muslim, socialist, fascist, American hating, anti-gun, Constitution obliterating, foreign-born corporate operative that will leave this country in ruin if he is allowed to remain in the White House for one more term.

      Or… it could be that they are just misinformed.

  4. Many in this country can’t imagine why you Americans would vote for anyone other than Obama. Not that it’s anything to do with us, of course. Except we have to breathe the same air.

    • Well there are a great many of us here that can’t imagine why, especially given the other choices, why anyone would not vote for Obama either. We find ourselves at a loss for words sometimes hearing the justifications others give for not voting for him or for why they support the Republican Party here.

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