The Daily Scoop: Why the GOP Has Auto-Bailout Blues

It’s been clear for a while that the long Republican primary fight is  damaging the GOP in ways that won’t be easily repaired before the fall election.  Michael Scherer has nicely laid  out the potential effect on the Hispanic vote. Rick Santorum’s derision of  contraception and colleges must be reminding suburban women of what they dislike  most about the GOP. And the constant crossfire of name-calling and attack ads  has driven up the candidates’ disapproval ratings to painful levels.

Tuesday’s results in Michigan suggest there’s another issue to add to this  collateral-damage list: the auto bailout. Perhaps the most striking fact from  the exit polls there was the fact that four in ten primary voters said they  supported the Obama Administration’s 2009 intervention to rescue the big  automakers. I’m not aware of specific polling on that question in Ohio, the big  prize in next week’s Super Tuesday extravaganza, but the number is likely to be  about the same; Ohio is second only to Michigan in its economic reliance on car  makers.
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10 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: Why the GOP Has Auto-Bailout Blues”

  1. With the stance these candidates took in Michigan, I’m surprised anyone voted! As for Ohio, there is a lot of anti-bailout sentiment here … that is just from listening to people.

    • Really? Why are so many anti-bailout, auto bailout that is? Do they understand what the situation may well have been without it?

      • Correct … they either don’t understand or just like saying the free market rhetoric … the later meaning they weren’t affected … that is, let the banks fail, as long as it’s not my bank.

      • It may also have something to do with “bailout” being a bad word similar to “compromise”.

      • Good point. At the time of the auto bailout, a friend of mine was ranting about it. Since he is a city council member in his town, I asked the loaded question – what if a major auto-related plant was in your town? His response was perfect – then I would be singing a different tune.

      • Oh well of course! He would have cared if it affected his life. Is it so hard to put oneself into another’s shoes?

  2. Hope you drop by on Super Tuesday as I will have a political post (up Monday night).

  3. I just read about Ohio and the GOP is in a state of disarray. This time in 2010 they had 500,000 early voters, but this time it is around 100,000. Not much enthusiasm for any candidate there.

    • Now that’s an enthusiasm gap! Things have really changed in this area for the GOP voters ever since the summer of the debt ceiling fight. I think voters started seeing who they voted into office and started regretting their choices. And now with this elongated presidential primary with its unprofessional, and many times crazy, antics their enthusiasm has taken a significant nose dive

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