The Daily Scoop: Wisconsin Bill-Single Mothers Contribute to Child Abuse

In Wisconsin, a state senator has introduced a bill aimed at penalizing single mothers by calling their unmarried status a contributing factor in child abuse and neglect.

Senate Bill 507, introduced by Republican Senator Glenn Grothman, moves to amend existing state law by “requiring the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.”

The bill would require educational and public awareness campaigns held by the board to emphasize that not being married is abusive and neglectful of children, and to underscore “the role of fathers in the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect.”

Saying that people “make fun of old-fashioned families,” Grothman — who has never been married and has no children — criticized social workers for not agreeing that children should only be raised by two married biological parents, and told a state Senate committee that he hopes the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention board, of which he’s a member, could “publicize something that’s politically incorrect but has to be said in our society.”

In “How The United States and The State of Wisconsin Are Working to Encourage Single Motherhood and Discouraging Children in 2-Parent Families,” he wrote that the government urges women not to get married by making programs like low-income housing assistance, school choice, WIC, tax credits, and food stamps more attractive than marriage.

His solution? Restrict the types of foods that can be purchased with food stamps, make Section 8 housing more cramped and limit the value of assets owned living there to $2,000, and eliminate school choice, among other things.
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11 Responses to “The Daily Scoop: Wisconsin Bill-Single Mothers Contribute to Child Abuse”

  1. Would it be the case, in the States, that this guys views are in any way mainstream. Or is he just an anachronistic throwback to the 1950’s who is being sniggered at behind his back. I know which it would be on this side of the pond.

    • No, his views are not mainstream BUT he is part of a way of thinking that was unleashed after the 2010 elections because emotions dictated voters’ choices. They felt the economy was not improving fast enough (which of course is ridiculous given the depth of the recession), they blamed the Democrats and the President and they voted for anyone BUT them. As a result the loudest and craziest voices got elected. Media here such as fox news and conservative bloggers wiped up fear based on large amounts of misinformation that swept people with views such as this into power giving them a level of legitimacy, at least in their minds. As a result they feel they can create laws that discriminate and control those segments of society they deem undesirable.

      ” Or is he just an anachronistic throwback to the 1950′s”

      I think you hit the nail right on the head here. Many in the Republican party are trying to get us back the “values” of the 1950’s. But the vision of society they have of that time is a myth. It only existed on television, on shows like “Leave it to Beaver”. It never existed in the real world.

      Thanks for commenting and having a look around my blog here. I looked around your site a bit and your travels around Europe sound amazing. Look forward to reading more about where you end up.

  2. I just cannot believe that people think like this. Bizarre. Does he want to criminalize single motherhood…throw single mothers in jail and put the children in foster care…now that sounds like the Christian thing to do…scary isn’t it…and people actually sit home and do not vote….explain THAT to me…

    • One would think that actions like this would most definitely scare the average complacent person into voting just to ensure people like legislator out of office. This bill does not reflect the qualities a civilized society should expect in its leadership.

      • Finally got it…civilized society is not in the Republican playbook…they see the world in terms of some ancient pope who as long as it supported Catholicism and gave money to the church it was open season on all sinners and infidels..

      • Uh……yes! You’ve it 🙂

  3. The news is filled with traditional parents committing acts of filicide all the time. I wonder if there have been any scientific studies comparing filicide rates of traditional family units vs. non-traditional ones? Unless that dude is packing the science to support his bill, I’m willing to consider him nuts. Either way, you can’t legislate what people might do based on their membership in certain groups. That would be like the movie Minority Report on steroids.

    • I’d say this is all one person’s opinion based on nothing but ill-conceived notions of reality.

      • I’d be willing to bet a paycheck on that. In fact, sometimes studies produce surprising results. In this case, I wouldn’t be surprised if single-parent families actually were statistically better for the welfare of children since it could be that they wanted and/or appreciated their children more. But there is no way to know for sure until the hypothesis has been tested somehow. And no matter what the results are, it is practically insane to try to legislate based on them.

      • You may have something there, they may appreciate the child more. But also many times there are reasons why it ends up becoming a single parent household. So many marriages end badly and is it beneficial for the child to live in a disruptive environment where the parents can’t get along? No. In cases like that, let the kid live with one parent in a more peaceful setting. That’s the way I was raised and I’m fine… I think


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