The Daily Scoop: Dirty little secret of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries

Here’s a simple fact that has been lost amid Mitt Romney’s newfound love of grits, Newt Gingrich’s desire for gun racks on Chevy Volts and Rick Santorum’s insistence that the South is a home game for him: None of the top three Republican presidential contenders are “of” the South in any meaningful way.

“The south is not just a place, it is, as they proudly tell you, a state of mind,” said Republican consultant Alex Castellanos. “The North is defined by reason, the South embraces romance and the heart. The North is relativist, the South lives by absolutes. When the South is right, it is absolutely right. When wrong, it is absolutely, tragically wrong.”
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4 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: Dirty little secret of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries”

  1. It’s true. The South is not about ambivalence. They will either love or hate this President Santorum Frothy Chocolate Cream Pie:

  2. GREAT!!!! Succinct! You really captured the ludicrous posturing of the candidates, as well as some of the intrinsic truths that differentiate the ‘North’ from the ‘South.’ Well done indeed! ~ Ayanna Nahmias

    • Thank you…but as much as I’d like to take credit for it, this was repost of a Washington Post article 🙂

      You are right though, it does make some interesting distinctions between the worldviews of people living in these two parts of the US.

  3. I thought the reference to “claiming southern heritage, when you’re from Miami” was a funny one. I’m in Florida, and parts of it are “the South”, but that’s only true the further north you go. Down in South Florida, where I am, there are plenty of proper southerners but also a lot of other types of folks from all over, and that makes it less solidly “Deep South” than the Panhandle. Unfortunately for me, I live in a semi-rural area where gun racks and Confederate flags are still easy to spot. It’s tough to be someone with a Northern perspective in a pocket of Southern mentality like this one.

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