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March 15, 2012

NPR Re-Institutes Journalistic Code of Ethics

From the Daily Kos:

For years, NPR committed itself to a brand of journalism that often focused noton telling the truth, but on telling competing sides of a story.

This false journalistic balance – presenting two sides of a story even when one side is propped up by spin or compromised facts – has been a hallmark of NPR’s reportage on political matters both foreign and domestic for far too long.

However, as journalism scholar and critic Jay Rosen reports, NPR has formally disavowed this form of “he said, she said” journalism in favor of a journalism that is “fair to the truth.”

As Rosen notes, NPR last week replaced its old code, The NPR Code of Ethics and Practices, with a new ethics handbook that seems to direct journalists to abandon reportage that strives for balance at the cost of accuracy.
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