The Daily Scoop: The Great Renewable Energy Race

Global investment in renewable energy climbed to a record $260 billion last year, and the race for clean power is just getting started.

We reported last week how new solar and wind technologies are approaching price parity with traditionally cheaper coal- and gas-burning power plants. Today, the world’s regions go head-to-head.
Click here for Bloomberg’s Interactive Graph


3 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: The Great Renewable Energy Race”

  1. Fossil fuel will run out before too long anyway, so we may as well put alternatives in place before we screw the planet as afterwards.

  2. And to think I recall President Nixon (and every president since) stating the importance of our need for an energy policy. Given the current Washington climate, I’m confident in our Congress being about to establish one. Oh – Are you interested in the waterfront land I have for sale?

  3. Saying there’s parity with gas must assume substantial increases in natural gas prices. Right now they’re dirt cheap due to shale gas entering the market. US oil production is increasing as well.

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