32, 299 UFO Sightings, 352 Deaths by Lightning, 9 Possible Voter Frauds… PRICELESS

Since Republican victories in 2010 numerous state legislatures have instituted a large number of voting laws designed to address a virtually nonexistent problem. The instances of voter fraud in the United States is miniscule as a percentage of the voting public. Many of those instances are attributed to clerical errors rather than intentional acts. Despite this, 34 states have passed new voting rules. This leads to the question, if voting fraud is virtually nonexistent then what is the motivation to spend so much time, effort and money to curtail it? 
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3 Comments to “32, 299 UFO Sightings, 352 Deaths by Lightning, 9 Possible Voter Frauds… PRICELESS”

  1. Only one reason for these laws. Voter restrictions to prevent likely democratic voters from voting. There is no more subversive group towards the average American than thr RepubliCANTS!

  2. Putting aside the blatant, obvious disenfrachising of democratic voters for a minute,… it’s the sickening waste of valuable time and effort in and for addressing what should be being addressed, while they’re chasing these non-existent problems down.
    There’s a few REAL problems out there, and if the republicans would would care to try to do something other than stonewall the president and his administration, some things might get done.
    But they can’t have Obama showing any success. That’s it in a nutshell.
    Republican/conservatives,— for a party that’s constantly screaming about getting government out of their lives,— seem to put a priority on sticking their collective noses into any and every social issue out there.
    And nothing else.

  3. As long as you let them get away with it then they will continue to ruin America … they keep this up your bananas won’t be worth enough to even call you a Banana Republic.

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