Daily Scoop Xtra: The Kochs’ very bad week

Coming on the heals of Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers exodus, the Koch brothers are experiencing their own particularly troubling public relations crisis, as if they there were ever in good standing with the left-leaning side of the political spectrum. Along with the burgeoning problems they have come face to face with here in this piece, the brothers’ affiliated organizations  are coming under fire for their questionable dealings with federal and state representatives.

From a damning documentary to a federal investigation, the arch-conservative brothers find themselves in hot water.

Were there a way for a few billion clams to wipe a week off the calendar, one imagines that Charles and David Koch, the multibillionaire principals of Koch Industries, would like to see the final week of March 2012 vaporized, at least in the public mind. For the Kochs, it was a week of bad news: a new documentary about their political activity and corporate negligence was making a splash — on the same day a story broke announcing an FBI investigation of two Wisconsin groups tied to Americans for Prosperity, the political ground organization they founded and fund.

Things got even worse the next day, Friday, March 30, when the billionaire brothers learned that a federal court handed down a decision that may ultimately require certain nonprofit groups, such as Americans for Prosperity, to reveal their full donor list, and the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, who wrote a devastating profile of the brothers last year, reported on the Kochs’ involvement in a barrage of anti-Obama ads sponsored by a tax-exempt nonprofit called the American Energy Alliance, which may also now be required to reveal its donor list.

On the very same day, another federal court struck down portions of Wisconsin’s controversial law that stripped collective bargaining rights from most of the state’s public employees – a law championed by Americans for Prosperity, and rammed through the state legislature a year ago by the AFP-supported Gov. Scott Walker.

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