The Daily Scoop Xtra: Romney to cut Depts of Ed & Housing

While Mitt Romney and his wife Ann revel in the “gift” that was Hilary Rosen’s comment about stay-at-home moms and the presidential candidate’s attempts turn the “war on women” around on the Democrats by asserting more women lost jobs under Obama, he fails to comprehend the impacts of those government cuts on the very voting block he’s attempting to attract. Cuts in the Departments of Education and Housing & Urban Development will result in additional job losses for women who have already suffered from previous cuts in education, primarily teaching, and civil services. Additionally, Mr. Romney does not appear to consider what further cuts in Department of Education budgets will do to the growing problem of student loan debt. Significant cuts in department funding will reduce grant and loan funds available to students amidst rising tuition rates, requiring them to borrow more from private lenders with higher interest rates.  


Beware the Hot Mic! What Mitt and Ann say when they think only wealthy donors are listening.

The maxims of the 2012 race are multiplying. The latest: Somewhere a microphone is always hot. On Sunday, Mitt Romney was unknowingly overheard at a Florida fundraiser by reporters for the Wall Street Journal and NBC News giving his wealthy backers a sneak preview of his presidential plans. He outlined some of his theories for cutting the bloated federal government, including eliminating the Department of Housing and Urban Development and trimming the Department of Education. He also floated the idea to the upscale crowd of removing the mortgage interest deduction for second homes as well as ending the state income tax deduction and state property tax deduction, tiny but specific steps on how he would remove loopholes in the tax code to pay for his tax cuts. He and his wife, Ann Romney, also delighted in the political “gift” given to them last week by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen.

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2 Comments to “The Daily Scoop Xtra: Romney to cut Depts of Ed & Housing”

  1. If I were Mr. Romney I would go even further. I would eliminate the HUD and the Department of Education all together. Education is a state issue. HUD has been a disaster. Both will not be missed. I just so happen to also be an elected BOE member. Thanks for the post!

    Jeff Metz

    • Mr. Metz, thank you for your comment. I don’t think we’ll agree much on these issues. On education, as we’ve seen from a number of states pushing for religious-based additions to school curriculums with the introduction of creationism into science courses, there is a real need for some national standard for education. We are continually falling farther down the educational ladder when compared to other developed countries. Our graduates are not able to compete globally as we used to before the large, ever present cuts in education budgets at all levels began. We see industry complaining about the level of education in science and engineering more and more. American graduates are falling below the educational standards those companies have for new hires. As a member of a department of education I’d expect you’d see the need to address these problems nationally rather than in a patchwork of varied curriculums across the country with few or no common goals.

      I realize HUD may appear to be another large government program but HUD promotes fair housing practices, it enforces anti-discrimination laws and it makes safe and affordable mortgages available to large swatches of the middle class. In times like these, cutting such an agency would be irresponsible.

      I think as time goes on people forget why many of these programs and departments were created in the first place. They weren’t created out of the blue… there was a need for them. But people forget about those needs or problems that came before and then we have what we have now, a fervent anti-government, anti-spending, anti-intellectual movement that has, unfortunately for the majority of the country, gained an influential voice. Will it take slipping decades back in time before people recognize whywe instituted these rules, regulations, agencies and programs in the first place?

      Once again, thank you for your comments and I do hope some of what I have said here makes some sense and is worth considering.

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