Daily Scoop Xtra: GOP For Gabby Giffords’ Seat “Health care Privilege You Earn,’ Not A Right”

Jesse Kelly, the Republican nominee in Arizona’s 8th congressional district best known for holding fundraisers with M16 automatic rifles, told an elderly gentleman at a campaign stop yesterday that health care is a “privilege” that people must “earn”, not a right.

Kelly, who is running to fill Gabby Gifford’s vacated seat — made the remarks while meeting with voters at the La Cholla Country Club on April 23rd.

Whether or not you agree with Kelly’s belief that health care is just a privilege, it is still a reality that far too many Americans die each year because they can’t afford access to the health care they need or receive uncompensated care that is financed by those who have insurance.


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One Comment to “Daily Scoop Xtra: GOP For Gabby Giffords’ Seat “Health care Privilege You Earn,’ Not A Right””

  1. I’ve heard this argument in person, and my response is always “you’re right, it is a privilege you earn.” Problem is Republican policies and rhetoric are lumping a widening group of working Americans under the non-earning welfare category. Nowadays Republicans are attacking truck drivers, teachers, janitors, factory workers, entry-level office workers or whatever as not earning their keep. When the mandate and pool kick in, healthcare costs and access will improve, providing financial stability for these working consumers, and stable demand for business owners. The American way used to be if you worked hard at your given occupation, you were earning your keep. Now it seems Republicans are saying you earn your keep solely on the size of your bank account.

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