MP Bulletin Extra: “Daily Show” guide to my enemies

As a producer, I met people whose political views I detested. The hardest part was admitting they weren’t so bad


For two years I was a field producer for “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” The field producer is the person who guides the creation of the pre-taped segments, the ones where the correspondent travels somewhere to interview and heartily agree with some person who holds, uh, fascinating ideas about the world. This meant I spent a lot of time with people whose causes or philosophies I found blecchy — the sort of folks who would fit nicely in the overlap of a Venn diagram whose circles included Bachmann supporters, fans of Rush Limbaugh, and people who wear tricorn hats and exercise their Second Amendment rights at Tea Party rallies.  You know – assholes.

Now, I like to loathe people. It just feels so good. I particularly like to loathe the sorts of people described above, and when I see them on TV or read their blogs I sigh contentedly and say, ahhh, it is now morally permissible for me to loathe this person. So imagine how irksome it was to have to deal with persons like that on a constant basis and discover that those persons, in person, generally weren’t loathsome persons after all. In fact, to my great consternation and disappointment, I often liked them.
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4 Comments to “MP Bulletin Extra: “Daily Show” guide to my enemies”

  1. I try to read the right wing bloggers periodically and I think some of them are just so consumed with hate about President Obama, Democratics and any one else who doesn’t subscibe to their biases that they can’t see anything real any more. It keeps me from living in my own bubble.

    • They are hard to read aren’t they? You’ve just got to wonder HOW did they come up with some of that stuff they accuse Obama and the Democrats of doing. It is good to break out of the bubble to see what’s going on in the heads of the other side but it’s hard finding many who can offer an intelligent debate isn’t it?

      Whenever I venture into some of those other blogs I tend to make the mistake of contradicting what they are claiming and many times they do not like that. A few times the responses I get gives me the impression they are astonished that anyone could call into question what they are saying. They appear as astonished as we are by THEIR claims. For them, all those unbelieveable claims are true and that is the real world for them. I’ve gotten myself into some very long debates (for lack of a better word) that just end up being such a waste of time. Sometimes they just get mad at you or they have these long diatribes stowed away somewhere on their computer that they cut and paste as replies other times it’s just impossible breaking into the extremely biased sources they use. It’s hard to refute arguments with Reuters, CNN or Politifact when the other person is dead set on believing world net daily is a valid source and thinks everything else is part of the mass “liberal media”.

      Lately, I’ve just refrained from commenting. It just soaks up way too much time.

      • Yes, I have stopped commenting also. But I do try to read them once in a while. And when they comment on my blog, I have started only responding once since I find they tend to repeat themselves. Are we self-righteous or what?

      • LoL… my god we sure do come across as self-righteous don’t we?

        *sigh* Ah…well… the burden of being right about everything.. 🙂

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