Is Obama Spiking the bin Laden Football?

Over the last week a President Obama campaign ad questioning Mitt Romney’s decisiveness, his ability to make the difficult decisions, created a stir of criticism from the Romney campaign, the Republican Party and conservative media. These sources felt the politicization of an event meant to unify was in poor taste and inappropriate for a sitting president to use in such a manner. But this assessment appears to employ a fair amount of selective memory…

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5 Comments to “Is Obama Spiking the bin Laden Football?”

  1. Ya know…I think Jon Stewart nailed it in regards to the hypocrisy/amnesia displayed by the GOP on this issue. But I must admit to a really icky feeling about Obama’s ad. Is it OK to gloat if the other guys did it first? I guess, but should we follow their lead on stuff like this? I’m thinking it’s not necessary, or particularly classy. There will be plenty of time to remind the US about Bin Laden during the upcoming debates and campaign speeches. Save it for then.

  2. Even with our short attention spans, most Americans remember President Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ (even though the sign wasn’t from the White House) and the text of his speech that matched the sign.
    I agree with Doubley that this is a low point but this will also be a Presidential campaign like no other. Upwards of $2 BILLION dollars will be spent by both parties and the Super Pacs.
    NO stone will be left unturned.
    Gone are the days of debating policy. Welcome to ‘I have more mud then you and I’m not going to hesitate to sling it’.

  3. I know there are a number of people who think this was beneath Obama but the point I’m trying to make here and with my previous post on the topic is that Obama is questioning Romney’s ability to make the hard decisions. People want consistency and decisiveness in their leaders, they want strength of character. Given Romney’s past behavior on many, many issues, the only consistency he’s displayed is his consistency to change his mind. Based on that would the average voter think he could make the call to get bin Laden? Or would they think he could make other very taxing decisions?

    I feel that is the take away question here. Besides, the video was not as distasteful as many in the media are portraying it to be. Clinton is talking about how tough the decision was and what it would mean if it failed. Only one little piece of text brought up the question about Romney. It’s worth asking I think.

    On another note, FatherKane… the campaign is going to be a rugged one full of low points and way too much money thrown around. We do need to get a handle on that aspect of things again. It seems such a large portion of these campaigns are run as attack ads. We need debates not ads.

    • I don’t disagree that the premise was fair game (can we trust Romney to be consistent or to make those tough decisions?). Just the execution of the thing bothers me. Again, I think that this is an issue that was already gonna come up as the campaigns progress, so this specific ad was maybe an unneeded dig that mimics the worst of the GOP’s tactics. Once these two guys are on a stage debating one another, nobody will be able to miss the difference between them in terms of temperament, consistency and resolve. Obama doesn’t need to resort to the low blows to convince people. He just needs to be steady, and he’ll have it all over Romney where that stuff is concerned.

      • I agree the debates are where many people will see the true differences in character between the two men. I actually can’t wait 🙂 but I guess I just don’t see it as much of a cheap shot. But even if it was a bit low, it’s also quite tempting to give the GOP back some of what they’ve been throwing at Obama for so long. I guess it’ll be the broader campaign that will show which road, the low or high one, Obama will take.

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