The Daily Scoop: Romney’s economics vs Swing State Governors

As Mitt Romney struggles to maintain his “Obama has Failed” message, swing state governors tout their states’ growing employment opportunities. Romney’s campaign stops in Ohio and Virginia this week took place amidst such positive economic news as Ohio’s unemployment decreases from  8.8% to 7.5% and Virginia’s unemployment figures showing a slight decrease in March to 5.6%. One must wonder what alternative strategies the Republican candidate’s campaign staff has waiting in the wings should the economy continue to improve throughout the summer months.

Romney’s economic message seems at odds with some GOP governors’

“Welcome to Ohio,” Mitt Romney told President Obama with more than a dash of sarcasm in an open letter on the eve of Obama’s rally Saturday in Columbus. “I have a simple question for you: Where are the jobs?”

Romney got an answer to that question last week from Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Campaigning for Romney outside the capital, the Republican governor could hardly have strayed further off message as he painted a bright picture of economic recovery in Ohio just as Romney was trying to do the opposite.

“We have a website called Ohio Means Jobs and there’s probably about 80,000 jobs listed on there where there are openings,” Kasich told college students meeting with him and Romney.

“Really?” a student asked in astonishment.

In scanning the website, Kasich said, “you’re going to find a lot of real exciting opportunities.”

Kasich is not the only Republican governor whose off-key boasts of a local jobs recovery have undercut the party’s presumptive presidential nominee right before a Romney speech portraying the economy under Obama as dismal.

Virginia Gov.  Bob McConnell offered the latest variation on Thursday as he introduced Romney at a rally in Portsmouth, Va.

“Welcome to the state with the lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast,” McConnell said.

As the audience cheered, Romney paused, then smiled and clapped his hands four times.

“That’s good news,” he muttered, ignoring the head wind that any good news on jobs creates for his campaign in a crucial swing state like Virginia.

“Now as good as that is,” McConnell continued, “imagine how much better off we’re going to be with President Mitt Romney.”  [Yes, how much better? Given the obvious improvements is it worth changing strategies and leaders midstream?]

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9 Comments to “The Daily Scoop: Romney’s economics vs Swing State Governors”

  1. No worry for Mitt … he can simply say “Great, it can be better and it should not have taken this long.”

    • I know. What a strategy… it’s never QUITE good enough. I saw he said, “anything over 4% unemployment isn’t good enough.”

      What’s the argument against that…? Okay, Mitt prove which one of your 3 economic plans will work.

  2. Unfortunately many of the Republican State Governors are worried that they if they give any impression of ‘lack of jobs, lack of recovery’ they will be held accountable by the people of their state when they come up for reelection for their negative outlook on their own state economy.

    As for Romney’s statement about anything over 4% unemployment not being good enough, we can guarantee that if unemployment was 2% he would say that anything over zero unemployment is not good enough. He is making a weak argument that will only be believed by the hardcore republican’s and those same hardcore republican’s are the ones that still live in a world that believes that Obama is a Muslim and that he was in cahoots with the communists and also Osama (simply because replacing a single letter will make Barack’s second name into Osama’s first name).

    Yes 8% unemployment is not good, neither is 7%, 6%, 5% or even 4% but took Margaret Thatcher 10 years to turn the British Economy round in the 80’s and unless the World Economy as a whole improves the Jobless rate and the American economy is in for a long slow crawl. It is being held back by the ‘right wing’ policies of cuts in investment in the economy and tax increases for the middle and working classes while the upper classes get tax cuts, the very policies that the Republican Party want for the United States.

    We cannot, as a country afford to follow the bad example that European Countries are demonstrating to us are not working. This is why the UK is, and acknowledged by their Conservative-Liberal Coalition, entering a double dip recession.

    This is why we need to maintain the road we are on. Yes we will have a debt problem but the debt ceiling rose year on year since G.W.B. was President.

    A good business person always knows that if you do not invest in your business (or in this case the USA, financially) you shouldn’t expect to get a return from it. In this case, Obama, chose the right path, invest in the economy, spend now and then as the economy improves and more people start being able to pay taxes the country can slowly pay back the debt. We have seen that this policy is starting to work. Back at the start of last year I said that we would start to see a recovery in the middle of 2012, we would not be out of the tunnel but we would see the light at the end of the tunnel and it would not be a pin prick of light either.

    This is why Obama will get my vote, there is not rational alternative in Mitt Romney!

    • All excellent points. Wouldn’t diagree with any of that. There most certainly is a epidemic of denial within the Republican and Tea Parties. What is happening over in Europe shows very clearly how their austerity policies would play out here.

      Oh did you hear…Sarkozy lost the election? The new guy is against the austerity strategy planning to push for balanced budget “trimming” and tax increases on the wealthy (up to 75% WOW!). So there may be some changes coming soon. Hopefully, things can begin turing around over there so it doesn’t come back on us and hurt Obama’s chances.

      • I didn’t catch that news, but I’ve not been following the news as closely this past week. I’d like to say Poor Guy, but I can’t bring myself to do it. He came over as arrogant. Sadly I think that France is in such a mess that they have a lot longer to fall before they can start climbing out of their mess and they will take other European states with them.

        The EU is only an union in name and until they either ‘become a federal country similar to the USA’ or dissolve their union the countries that are in the deepest crisis are the ones that are going to pull the rest of Europe deeper into decline. They just cannot survive with the current structure. As they say “a chain is only as good as the weakest link” and Europe as so very many weak links in their chain!

        I wouldn’t expect France to start to recover for at least another three years, possibly longer, and that is to show even a slight glimmer. I think they have dug themselves too far into a financial hole that they will have to increase taxes for everyone, at least in the short term, and as a country of high taxation it may be a pill too hard to swallow for the French.

        If the USA had the same structure then we would be in a terrible mess as well because there are so many weak links in the American chain ie those states that pull far more out of the Federal than is paid in by their Taxes. A nice piece about this is one by Ezra Klein who discussed this same subject April 2010 where the correlation with states that got more government money than they paid in taxes was almost identical to the states that were hardcore Republican states.

        I think that if these states were to lose that free income through hardcore spending cuts by Republican controlled House and Senate and a Republican President there would be a sudden loss of support in those states.

  3. A great post. From a PR perspective, when Obama makes his speeches about 4 million jobs created, he should repeatedly be emphasizing this conflicting message between the governors and Romney. Also, I just saw a great post from the Obamacrat with a chart showing Obama had made back every single private sector job lost since the beginning of his presidency when he inherited the crisis. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall Obama and his advocates stressing that point repeatedly either. Both of these are strong messages that demonstrate solid progress in the most difficult to manage economic period in history.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! He needs to expand on those conflicting messages and WHY has he not made a point of mentioning we’ve regain those jobs lost under him? Actually I think he mentioned it once when the numbers were a bit lower. I’d say that would be a great message to send voters. “Hey, you thik its’ worse under me… then why is it we’ve gained back all the jobs lost under my watch?? Hmmm….?” Well maybe add a bit more tact to it than that.

      I did see Obama hitting Romney on the whole “rubber stamp president” thing stopping just short of linking it to the Norquist CPAC speech where he said, all we need is a president who can work a pen.

      So what would your strategy be for dispelling this “Obama is over using the bin Laden raid”, swift boating tactic the Right is using? From the PR/Communications point of view, what defense can he use?

      • I’d stay strong with the truth, while still paying homage to the Seals. Don’t shy away. Go straight at these punks. Remind folks in ads and speeches that he made getting Bin Laden a priority in every stump speech and debate in 2007-08. Remind folks he was ridiculed for it as soft on national security, but he stayed strong with the Bin Laden message because he wanted to get the man that killed Americans. Remind folks, once in office, he redirected his national security team to track Bin Laden down. Remind folks that he made the call to initiate the raid. And finally, tell folks there’s nothing wrong with a President highlighting the promises he made, and then followed through on as commander-in-chief. And this was one of many. Remind folks that to be a strong commander-in-chief, you have to adapt to sudden circumstances, but you can’t flip flop on your convictions. And this is an example of staying true to your convictions. Maybe end with a roundhouse dig like – “when I say mission accomplished, I actually mean it.”

      • Very well said! I could picture Obama responding to a debate question in that manner… defending his postions then turning it around on to Romney as a challenge to stick with your convictions. Nice!

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