The Daily Scoop: Romney promises 6% unemployment

During an interview with Time magazine Mitt Romney promised to reduce the unemployment rate to 6% within his first term as president. Let the celebrations begin! But wait… there may be a catch here. According to economic forecasts the current rate of growth already projects the unemployment rate will fall to 7% by 2015 and 5.5% by 2017. So Romney may well be correct, by the end of his first term in office (should he prevail) unemployment would drop to the level he promised. The one point he omits is he would have little to do to keep this campaign promise except to leave Obama’s economic policies intact.  It is also interesting he is touting 6% as a significant goal for a Romney administration to aspire to given his previous statements which make it clear anything above 4% was not worth celebrating.  In a separate, yet assuredly linked campaign stump speech, Paul Ryan stated Romney and the Republicans will “save this country”.  A wonderful prediction but given the current trends, it seems the country is already well on its way to being saved.  

Romney promises to bring unemployment down to 6%

(CNN) – After repeatedly pinning the president for the unemployment level, which now sits at 8.1%, Mitt Romney pledged he could cut the rate by two points if he makes it to the White House.

“I can tell you that over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we’d put in place, we’d get the unemployment rate down to 6%, and perhaps a little lower,” the presumptive GOP nominee said in a TIME interview published Wednesday.

The number marked the first time Romney had talked about a specific rate during this election cycle, although he listed 5.9% as the number he would strive for in his 59-point economic plan released in September.

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8 Responses to “The Daily Scoop: Romney promises 6% unemployment”

  1. This is a prime example of the same double standards that are employed by Republican’s. To say that anything less than 4% is nothing to sing and dance about when it was announced that Unemployment had dropped below 8%, now he is singing and dancing and promising that he will give 6% Unemployment.

    I would hardly call Mitt Romney Presidential material when he has said that anything higher than 4% is not low enough and then promises to have 6% unemployment.

    Well sorry Mitt, That is just not good enough. Don’t blame the voters for not voting for someone that speaks with forked tongue!

    • I think we’re going to see a lot of the double standards this election. We’ve already seen this with Obama touting the bin Laden raid and now the unemployment and with gas prices too. What’s amazing is that these things are being bought into. People are actually falling in line with the idea that Obama should not be able to mention the killing of Osama when it was just fine for GW to brag about Saddam.

      I’m looking forward to other interviews when he’s asked about the 4% vs 6% statements.

      • The more I see of Conservative arguments there is a consistent double standard, what is okay for them is not okay for the Liberals. Though we should have seen this underlying trend back in the 2008 when Sarah Palin justified her daughter Bristol being pregnant out of marriage while out of the other side of her mouth she reviled on the moral standards of America and how they were dropping and would plummet under Obama.

        With all these Conservative attempts to block the votes of potential Democrat voters in states like Ohio and Florida and other ‘swing’ states, it shows that they are worried about their potential Presidential Candidate.

      • “it shows that they are worried about their potential Presidential Candidate.”

        It is fairly obvious they feel they cannot win on their own, or Mitt’s, merits so they are resorting to keeping Democratic leaning voters from even having a say. Where are the calls of “constitution shredding” now?

  2. Most importantly, welcome back Mashed! Hope you had a good vacation.

    Romney is following the CBO projections …. interestingly, numbers that most voters don’t even know. On the other hand, as the previous comment also notes, wasn’t he touting 4% (after one year) earlier?

    By the way, my post from yesterday my spark your interest.

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