Daily Scoop Xtra: Anti-Voter Fraud Laws result in Voter Fraud in Florida

EXCLUSIVE: Florida Telling Hundreds Of Eligible Citizens That They Are Ineligible To Vote

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has ordered the state to purge all “non-citizens” from the voting rolls prior to November’s election. But that list compiled by the Scott administration is so riddled with errors that, in Miami-Dade County alone, hundreds of U.S. citizens are being told they are ineligible to vote, ThinkProgress has learned exlusively.

According to data from the Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections obtained by ThinkProgress:

1638 people in Miami-Dade County were flagged by the state as “non-citizens” and sent letters informing them that they were ineligible to vote.

– Of that group, 359 people have subsquently provided the county with proof of citizenship.

– Another 26 people were identified as U.S. citizens directly by the county.

– The bulk of the remaining 1200 people have simply not responded yet to a letter sent to them by the Supervisor of Elections.

You can see a similar letter sent to alleged “non-citizens” by the Broward County Supervisor of Elections HERE. (“The Supervisor of Elections… has received information that you are not a citizen of the United States.”) If recipients of the letter do not respond within 30 days — a deadline that is mere days away — they will be summarily removed from the voting rolls. The voters purged from the list, election officials tell ThinkProgress, will inevitably include fully eligible Florida voters.

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6 Comments to “Daily Scoop Xtra: Anti-Voter Fraud Laws result in Voter Fraud in Florida”

  1. Well nothing surprises me, there seems to be a long history of Republican meddling with voter registrations with the ideaology that it benefits them to remove potential democrat party voters from the electoral roll and seems especially prevalent in Florida! Wonder if this could be referred to as the Bush Effect LOL

    • junknfunk> They do seem to meddle in that area quite a bit. What’s amazing is how they are so capable of convincing so many people that it’s the democrats who are perpetuating the fraud (minorities, Acorn, etc) when they are the ones who do more to infringe on voters’ rights than anyone.

      Why isn’t the media jumping all over this? Just saw a follow up tweet about this article from ThinkProgress saying how no outlets have talked about this. If the Democrats were involved you know it’d be all over the conservative blogosphere and faux.

  2. Gov. Scott must be sooooooo proud of himself. Nothing like killing off democracy, all in the name of democracy.

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