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June 11, 2012

Daily Scoop Xtra: Private Sector under Obama

After President Obama’s out-of-context comment, “The private sector is doing fine.” caused a stir across the politcal spectrum on Friday, fact checkers and economic experts began assessing its accuracy. While it is very true there is a long way to go before we reach pre-recession status, the current state of the private sector is quite positive, especially when it compares to the public sector which has suffered from austerity measures imposed at local and state levels.
So what has happened with the private sector under the Obama Administration?
First, after tax corporate profits have never been higher.
June 11, 2012

The Daily Scoop: Is the ‘American Dream” a myth today?

Income inequality has become the subject of much debate in this country, in large part because of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In his latest book, The Price of Inequality, Columbia Professor and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz examines the causes of income inequality and offers some remedies. In between, he reaches some startling conclusions, including that America is “no longer the land of opportunity” and “the ‘American dream’ is a myth.”

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