The Daily Scoop: Powerful GOP congressman accused of campaign finance violations

Amidst swirling questions about the small number of very large GOP campaign donors, their fights in Congress and the courts to keep those donors’ names from the public, a new campaign finance scandal is building around a powerful, 3 term Republican congressman. 

Washington (CNN) — Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan, a self-made Florida millionaire, is only in his third term in Congress, but he already is in charge of fundraising for the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, and he sits on the powerful House Ways and Means committee.

But all that could be jeopardized. Federal investigations underway could result in Buchanan serving his next term behind bars.

CNN has confirmed there are no fewer than four congressional and federal investigations into Buchanan’s business practices, his campaign finances and his alleged attempt to try to stop a witness from talking.

Now that witness is stepping forward in an exclusive interview with CNN. Buchanan’s former business partner says the congressman schemed to launder money from his car dealerships into his campaign coffers, and then tried to get others to cover it up.

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