Daily Scoop: McConnell states health care access for uninsured “Not the Issue” [video]

The health care reform debate continues even after the Supreme Court ruled on its constitutionality. Republicans have stood firm on their vow to “Repeal & Replace” yet their problems begin when asked about the replace portion of that promise. Both Mitt Romney and Republican leadership have touted “common sense“, step-by-step reforms. They promise to implement interstate commerce of insurance, keep insurers from denying coverage, allow young people on their parents’ insurance, implement industry cost-saving measures. The interesting part of these common sense reforms is that they are already in the Affordable Care Act. Where does common sense enter into a plan which involves eliminating a plan then re-implementing virtually the same plan, just slower?

Beyond this it appears Mitch McConnell may have provided Democrats another campaign gift when pressed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace to explain what the Republican plan was for improving access to care for 30 million uninsured Americans should a repeal prove successful.

Watch the video to see how the Senate Minority Leader handled the question.

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15 Responses to “Daily Scoop: McConnell states health care access for uninsured “Not the Issue” [video]”

  1. The repubs don’t have a plan and never had a plan. McConnell and Boehmer’s appearances today are filled with lies and misstatements to cover up and justify their blind attacks. Mitch looked like a bumbling fool even on faux news, his ally.

    • Yes, they are filled with unsupported claims. I don’t know why the “journalists” don’t question them on it.

      Is faux becoming a not-so-safe-place for the GOP? What will Romney do? I know… he’ll goto the Drudge Report. 🙂

  2. Wow! Actually stating “That is not the issue” is just stunningly boneheaded. Great vid and clearly shows (once again) taking care of people not lucky enough to be in the upper part of the economic ladder is not even on the minds of the right’s leadership. This gaffe should be plastered everywhere until election day.

    • Paul> It was amazing he actually said that. I think it even surprised Wallace too. I think you’re right, it does show where the party’s priorities lie and they’re not with those in need. It fits right in with the underlying narrative to give all the benefits to the “job creators” and hope it all trickles down. Unfortunately that has not worked. It’s just a shame those who benefit the least from the GOP plans are the first ones to jump to their defense.

      But you’re right this and other video’s like it need to be repeated throughout the campaign cycle.

  3. I see you saw this video, too. He will be ridiculed by the Dem’s and liberals, and hailed as a hero by the right wing.

    • Yep. Good to see more of us are spreading it around. I hope it’s replayed all around. Can you imagine the hounding a Democrat would have gotten if it was one of them who said something like that?

      I think in the end this repeal strategy will be a negative for the GOP especially if the Dems are able to unite a bit educating the public about what’s in the reform.

  4. What a despicable idiot. As a low info voter, I admit to voting for compassionate conservatism in 2000. It’s unreasonable comments and stances like the ones in this video that have boiled my hatred for the GOP into literally a raging obsession.


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