Daily Scoop Xtra: Another ‘They didn’t built it’ Ad shows business helped by government

The Romney campaign is up with a new billboard touting another small business owner upset with President Obama’s out-of-context remark that businesses don’t succeed on their own but rather with help from federal government programs.

But like so many of the small businesses that the Romney campaign has trotted out in recent weeks, Tanya L. Burns & Associates, an insurance brokerage firm in Florida, is yet another beneficiary of federal spending. And not just any spending: Burns’ firm has helped clients reduce their health insurance premiums thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal.

In a 2011 article in the Orlando Business Journal, Burns appears dumbfounded — and pleasantly surprised — at the lower premiums some of her clients received when they renewed their insurance contracts.

On their website, Tanya L. Burns & Associates has an entire “Health Reform Resource Center” set up, offering information on the key benefits of Obamacare and a Frequently Asked Questions page.

During the Romney campaign’s recent “Built By Us” initiative, more than a dozen of the small businesses that the campaign sought to highlight have been found to contract with government agencies or receive taxpayer-funded small business grants and loans.

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3 Comments to “Daily Scoop Xtra: Another ‘They didn’t built it’ Ad shows business helped by government”

  1. His campaign ranks up there with Al Gore, John Kerry, and John McCain.

  2. Excellent. Hadn’t heard about this one. Obama and Elizabeth Warren are right. Individual success goes hand in hand with societal teamwork. I’m a free market guy, but a realistic one.

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