Why We Will Vote for Obama Again



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7 Responses to “Why We Will Vote for Obama Again”

  1. Most excellent.

  2. As much as I like Obama, this choice is about so much more than his achievements. Do we want to continue with tax policies that inflate Wall Street and nebulous financial schemes, or do we want policies that bolster American mainstreet? I would argue Romney’s Bain Capital and tax records are more germane to this ultimate decision than Obama’s successes. Obama ain’t just beating up on the rich guy with his ads. He’s using Romney’s own record as a vivid and dramatic billboard displaying the key problem crippling our economy.

  3. I applaud your way of doing this post!

    • Frank> Honestly, I can’t take credit for the picture. It was emailed to me and they said it was from Facebook. I tried to find the original person but couldn’t locate them to give them credit.

      So if the original person comes upon this please let me know who you are so I can properly give credit.

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