MP Bulletin Extra: Mars Rover “Curiosity” to Land Tonight [video]

NASA’s newest rover, Curiosity, is scheduled to land on Mars tonight at 10:31pm Pacific Time. For any of you who are interested I believe a live feed will be broadcast on YahooLive  or try NASA TV online and it may also appear on the NASA channel if your cable provided offers it. According to the NASA TV schedule coverage will begin about 8:00pm PST.

While the rover is set to land on the surface of the red planet about 10:30, it will take around 14 minutes to receive confirmation as to whether or not that part of the mission was successful. A nail biting delay for everyone involved with the project but anyone who’s been watching NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, long delays are nothing new.

I kid! I kid! 🙂

But in the meantime, and for those who had not a clue that NASA was even sending anything to Mars let alone a nuclear power dune buggy, have a look at the video below to see what to expect from the landing and Curiosity’s long-term mission.

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5 Comments to “MP Bulletin Extra: Mars Rover “Curiosity” to Land Tonight [video]”

  1. Love this stuff. If I wasn’t such a wimp back in the day, I’d have joined your ranks as a scientist. I’m tyring to gently nudge my son in that direction. The thought of holing up in a room or on a rock somewhere like Einstein of Darwin just trying to figure things out is very comforting, although nowadays you can’t escape politics it seems. I am particularly fascinated with space science (planetary, stellar, and also cosmology). At this stage my son seems to be interested in paleontology.

    • Slayer> Oh I do too…ever since I was a lil’un. I gained such an interest in Mars after a Mars Simulation course during my undergrad. It was a full cultural immersion simulation where the class created virtual profiles of themselves with varied areas of speciality who set up the first Mars settlement. The background of it was initiall based on Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars triology. It was quite a class and a couple of my classmates went on to work for NASA.

      It’s great to hear you’re testing the waters with your son. Paleontology is an interesting field… so many areas of speciality to go into these days. It’s not all about digging up dinosaur bones… but then again that’d be the fun part:-) That was an interest of mine back in the day too. How old is he? He’ll probably find so many things he’s interested in it’ll be a challenge to find the perfect one to settle on.

      “The thought of holing up in a room or on a rock somewhere like Einstein of Darwin just trying to figure things out is very comforting, although nowadays you can’t escape politics it seems.”

      Now wouldn’t that be nice if politics was kept separate. It makes things even worse nowadays because funding is being slashed so much because many of the GOP who just can’t see the need for science. And scientists are finding they have to step into the political arena because of that attitude to defend their findings on such things as climate change and environmental conservation/sustainability. I’m just starting in with a new study which is only slated to last 6 months for my part. I asked about other studies I could get in with afterwards but the big issue was, “It all depends on the funding. Funding. Funding. Funding.” Just don’t know what Congress will do after this upcoming election.

      But that’s the downside of it all. Otherwise it’s one of careers that doesn’t feel like work ’cause you enjoy doing it. So, yeah, keep nudging your son in that direction. We need more scientists 🙂

      • I remember my dad referring me to the Mars Triology back in the 1990s, but I never got around to reading it. It always amazes me how some of these guys with literature backgrounds can have such influence on you scientists. Genius is a word tossed around too easily, so I tend to be more impressed with the guys that actually calculate how to propel a craft off of one planet travelling thousands of miles an hour, dispatching that craft millions of miles through space, and have it hit its mark on a distant rock also travelling at thousands of miles an hour.

        Yeah, that’s the GOP for you. In a competitive global economy, they decide to slash education and science. Having lived on the coasts most of my life, I’m just coming to understand that half the country believes the earth is only a few thousand years old.

        My son is only 8, so we’ll see if the interest holds. When I say “nudge”, me being a wimped out liberal arts major, I don’t have much knowledge to pass on. I’m just trying to make curiosity and thinking about how things work fun for him.

  2. Should be interesting to see what it delivers. Gotta love this video.

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