To Mashed Potato Bulletin Readers: An Apology

Hi everyone,

I know there has been little activity on the Bulletin of late. For this I apologize. Time has been sparse as my available blogging space during the day has given way to the priorities of a paying job. A new study has cropped up and has pulled in the majority of my attention and mental capacity. As you can imagine it has been rather difficult not to dive headlong into all the new political developments with Mitt Romney’s new VP pick, the resurgence  of Medicare as a campaign hot topic, Obama’s “divisiveness” (wink-wink nudge-nudge) and Romney’s continued tax return issues.

Despite my excuses I will endeavor to post whenever possible. In the meantime, there is a new blogger who, amidst the construction of her own site, will contribute a uniquely amusing perspective on the whole political landscape. While her site will not be a political blog, when the ridiculousness of the election year theatre becomes too much to bear she will unleash her eclectic prose on us all here. Look for her first post this Monday August 18th.

So until I do return with more regular postings I hope you all will forgive the infrequency and enjoy the news voice(s) who will take up the mantle for a little while at least.

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4 Comments to “To Mashed Potato Bulletin Readers: An Apology”

  1. It has happened to many of us including me. And I just explained after the fact. I will enjoy reading you when you do write.

  2. Glad to hear about the new study. If possible, some of your readers would enjoy hearing about it, other studies, and more of your general perspective on science, research, etc. Regardless, look forward to the new blogger and your future posts.

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