Fox “News” Global Ice Conundrum

A while back Fox News’s Steve Doocy hosted a report about the growth of glaciers in Asia as an indictment of the science which indicates global declines in ice sheets.  Mr. Doocy deferred to the expertise of Chris Horner of the Competative Enterprise Institute, legal council for the organization, to explain the latest scientific findings that Himalayan glaciers have grown over the past 9 years, not shrunk. This apparent revelation is used to discredit the overall findings that global ice is in decline.

The problem Mr. Doocy and Mr. Horner have is the fluctuations and small growth of glaciers in one region over less than a decade does not reflect a significant global trend. Their case becomes even less credible when viewed in context of this week’s newly released findings of a steady reduction trend in Arctic ice – a more representative barometer of global climate – culminating in a loss of half the coverage it had 30 years ago.

The ice cap at the North Pole measured 1.32 million square miles on Sunday. That’s 18 percent smaller than the previous record of 1.61 million square miles set in 2007…

“On top of that, we’re smashing a record that smashed a record.” Sea ice shrank in 2007 to levels 22 percent below the previous record of 2005.

Those who have difficulty interpreting, comprehending or simply believing the scientific findings, which by & large verify climate change is not only occurring but accelerating, will always find a tidbit of a particular study or report that supports their side of the ongoing debate. But when viewed from above, when one looks at the breadth of the science behind the overall findings, there is little that can be credibly said about a supposed unfounded “hysteria” created by the climate change “believers”.


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