Daily Scoop: Chaos on BullS#@T Mountain [video]

While Jon Stewart would be the first to admit what he does on The Daily Show is not news but intelligent satire, no one else has done more to reach down into the depths of which cable “news” media has sunk to hose off the muck and reveal the ridiculousness underneath.

Amidst a deeply partisan presidential campaign and the 4th quarter release of a damaging video showing the challenger degrading half the electorate, Fox “News” performs unfair and biased acrobatics to spin the situation into a defense of their candidate Mitt Romney.

See what happens when panic erupts on the conservative news channel:


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4 Comments to “Daily Scoop: Chaos on BullS#@T Mountain [video]”

  1. Reblogged this on The Last Of The Millenniums and commented:
    I love the ‘exploding bulls*it mountain’.

  2. Jon Stewart’s brilliant.

    And I never heard that comment at the end by Craig T. Nelson. “I was on welfare and food stamps and no one had to help me out” takes the place of “Get your government hands off my Medicare” as the most arrogantly clueless Republican statement of all time.

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