Daily Scoop: The GOP’s (real) ACORN

by Natasha Lennard

Problematic voter forms have now been found in 10 Florida counties, reported the New York Times Sunday. The forms are linked to Strategic Alliance Consulting, a group that was hired by the state Republican Party to sign up new voters, but was fired last week as reports of suspicious forms first surfaced in numerous Florida counties.

The Times reports:

The Florida Division of Elections has forwarded the reports of possible fraud to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for investigation. Prosecutors in some affected counties are also investigating. It is unclear how many forms have been forwarded, in all: in Palm Beach County, the election supervisor found 106 suspicious forms, but the number in several other counties is far lower…

… Election supervisors said they have come across forms with handwriting that did not match previous registration forms, bogus addresses and other identifiers like driver’s license numbers that appeared to be invalid. But in other cases, the forms were just incomplete, which does not constitute fraud.

Strategic Alliance is owned by Nathan Sproul, a former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party. Sproul’s 2004 voter registration project was investigated by the Justice Department and the attorneys general in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon as claims of fraud emerged, but no charges were brought. As Brad Friedman noted on his Brad Blog last week, despite Sproul’s checkered past, Mitt Romney’s campaign hired him as a political consultant late last year.

Friedman also noted that the voter form scandal, along with the recent revelation of a video showing a GOP voter registration worker screening out Democrats, is far worse than the claims made against ACORN over fraudulent voter registration in the past.

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7 Comments to “Daily Scoop: The GOP’s (real) ACORN”

  1. Now compare this typical Republican behavior to the professional conduct from my mother and other volunteers here in North Carolina working for the Obama campaign. They are there to register all voters and are instructed to go out of their way not to deter anyone from registering. I’ve even personally witnessed them getting lambasted by ignorant Obama haters, but still keeping their cool and registering them. Whether they’re audience is Democratic or Republican leaning, my feeling is the Obama volunteers never reveal their own political affiliation in an effort to remain unbiased when registering.

  2. When I saw this report, I thought the same thing.

    Off topic – Because tonight is the first debate, I think you’ll appreciate this … http://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/on-debates-2012/

  3. As a Floridian, I am getting that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach again. It’s a potentially close race…and Florida is going to decide the next president of the United States…and as usual it is so fouled up down here due to our patented election-year blend of crooked politicians and gross incompetence. The one and only thing that offers me any solace is that I could be in Arizona. They may possibly have the only legislature that is more reactionary and wackadoo than Florida’s.

    • Chris, yeah between the woeful inaccuracies of the voter purge the governor’s attempts to keep as many minorities out of the it’s kind of disturbing that so much of the future lies in Florida’s hands, Ohio too. At least Obama is ahead there but who knows for how long after his poor debate performance. At least there are two more chances for him. I’m sure some of the same stuff will come up and he better be ready to defend himself and shoot down Romney.

      But yeah, you’re right… you could live in AZ. I did for a number of years and generally liked the state but I’m glad I wasn’t around for the headlong dive into right-wing craziness.

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