Why We Don’t Elect Republicans

Given the performance of the current Congress, what was observed during the George W. Bush years and the evolution of the 21st century GOP…

How wise is it to tempt the current crop of Republicans with the reigns of power?


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10 Comments to “Why We Don’t Elect Republicans”

  1. It seems as though the GOP is focused too much on throwing red herrings here and there to try and distract people from President Obama’s rising poll numbers in swing states. Far Right Republicans will fight tooth and nail to win this election, even if it means preventing millions of citizens from voting. They are a power hungry bunch who feels not only entitled, but that they deserve to win this election.

    • Leah> I couldn’t agree with your assessment more. It certainly does seem in many sectors of the Right that they will do whatever it takes to win simply for the sake of winning. There doesn’t appear to be much they wish to do for the country overall. They just want to be in power. This is how I interpretted the strategy to oppose everything the GOP embraced after the 2008 elections. They felt it was more important to block everything Democratic for political gain rather than help to fix the enormous problems the country was, and still is, facing.

      Thank you for commenting!

      • For sure! I enjoyed reading your peace, and I agree with you. Modern day Republicans are a super radical bunch who seems consumed with hate and vengeance. My biggest worry about the upcoming election has to do with the GOP, and their continuation of policies which seek to disenfranchise millions of poor people in this country. I work in addiction, and I am deeply concerned that major budget cuts will put a lot of poor and middle class people in a really bad place..I suppose it is more important for the party to get rid of our current president, even it it means electing two rich guys who out out of new ideas..

      • Leah> Well you definately have a unique perspective that many in the political arena and the media do not have or are blind to or unwilling to gain a view of. I respect the work you do and perspective you come from. We all need to hear more from people who actually know what is happening at those levels.

        It is quite sad that, like you said, many are more interested in power rather than helping to fix the problems affecting so many average people in this country.

  2. Good one!


  3. Spoken like a true bunch of Communists…

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