Poll Update: 1st Debate Results (The day after)

In an interesting twist, after a poor showing by the President, a Reuters/IPSOS poll taken the day after the 1st 2012 Presidential debates between Romney and Obama shows a couple intriguing results.

Obama actually received a bump among independents while Romney’s support remained flat. The President even saw a rise in favorability among Republicans, negligible as it may be. Given the surge in independent voter registration in battleground states, this could become an advantage for the President especially he improves his performance in subsequent debates.


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7 Comments to “Poll Update: 1st Debate Results (The day after)”

  1. Nice catch here. Let’s see if this is an anomaly or a trend.

  2. Very good gain, in a very important group. Flipping the numbers like that can only be a good thing for the president.

  3. Reblogged this on Ye Olde Soapbox.

  4. Less than a month to go until the start of Campaign 2016! Woo hoo!!!!

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