Poll Update: Obama & Romney Tied in Red State Arizona

A new poll shows President Obama tied with GOP challenger Mitt Romney in Arizona, a state where Romney leads in most surveys and that generally breaks for Republican presidential candidates.

The Behavior Research Center poll released Saturday shows Obama ahead of Romney 42-40 percent among registered voters and 44-42 percent among likely voters. Both tallies are within the poll’s 4.4 percent margin of error, making the race “dead even,” a summary of the results states.

The new survey bucks other polls of the Grand Canyon State, which have generally shown Romney ahead, often by comfortable margins.

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Now wouldn’t the be an interesting twist if Obama actually carrier Arizona. With the rise and subsequent rejection of numerous Tea Party legislators in the state and the increase in the Latino population, Arizona could be in play if voter participation among certain demographic groups hits respectable levels. 


UPDATE: CNN Article provides an extended look at this new poll.



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3 Comments to “Poll Update: Obama & Romney Tied in Red State Arizona”

  1. I saw this poll. But I find it hard to believe. Obama’s lost ground in recent weeks, but gains ground in red Arizona?! Having said that, if Latino voters show up in mass throughout the country, Obama should be in good shape. I didn’t look at the internals of this poll, but maybe it projects a really strong Latino turnout.

  2. Thanks for sharing!!

    Arizona is crazy town. The governor has a high school diploma, and I think she also has one certificate from a Community college. But I do not think she completed her community college Associates degree. And they elected her. I do not see what that says about Arizonans.

    Arizona has birthers, jobbers, truthers etc. But it now has a strong candidate for the U.S. Senate, Carmona, and also has some strong candidates for congressional seats. Will it go Obama? I do not think so, but I hope it does.
    However, I know the Senate seat, from what I have read, could be taken by Carmona.

    There is a HUGE Mormon population in that state, and no matter what Romney claims and what other Mormons say, they believe Romney is the fulfillment of the so called White Horse prophesy– so the Mormons will be voting in droves for Romney.

    Boy, would I be delighted if that crazy state could turn BLUE. That would be simply AWESOME!!!


  3. These polls are just insane. I’m at the point where I can’t really sweat ’em any more because, good or bad, they are in such flux that I don’t think they are all that significant. Polls are always sketchy at best, but this election cycle that’s even more true than in any past year I can recall.

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