“Horses & Bayonets”; A Most Beautiful Moment

The most beautiful moment of the 3rd presidential debate was when President Obama educated Mitt Romney about the modern US Navy. If you look close, you can watch Romney’s jaw steadily tighten and his lip grin stretch thinner and thinner throughout the President’s lecture. Overall, the takeaway of this scene is Mr. Romney’s misunderstanding that the US Navy is not a game of boys pushing their toy ships around a map of the world, it’s about the reality of the modern military, the men and women serving within in it and the global responsibilities one takes on as commander-in-chief?  



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7 Comments to ““Horses & Bayonets”; A Most Beautiful Moment”

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    One of my favorite statements By POTUS/Commander In Chief Obama. Thank you Mashed Potato Bulletin.

  2. This actually was one of the best moments of the debate. It was classic.

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  4. What gets me is that people don’t understand that both political parties “redistribute” money. Moreover, economic policy should be flexible and bendable to the needs of the time. There was a time when it might have made sense to allocate $2 trillion more to defense spending. Now is not that time. We used to have a huge military enemy and limited economic challengers. Now we have limited military enemies and growing economic adversaries. Republicans hate to hear it , but I want my tax dollars spread to different departments and programs – Energy Department; manufacutring initiatives; education department, etc.

    • Excellent points! I am dumbfounded every time I hear someone complain about Obama and his socialist redistribution of wealth. I’ve asked some of these people, “Don’t you realize the entire tax system in this country is based on redistribution of wealth?” I never get an answer.

      And this trend of people saying, “I don’t want my tax dollars buying… whatever it is” but 1) they never seemed to care until Obama got into office and 2) not everyone is going to get everything they want and your personal tax dollars are not going to be spent on precisely what you want them spent on. But overall society will generally benefit from where it goes. Yes, there’s waste so just work on reducing it but please just get off this selfish kick.

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