Mashed Potato Bulletin turns 1 year old

One year ago this week, yesterday actually, the Mashed Potato Bulletin took its first breath with  a posting initially intended for the New York Times Op-ed pages. But due to length restrictions and perhaps a bit too ambitious for a first attempt at political writing that first article inspired a pursuit for an alternate venue. After much soul searching, more than a few scrapped blog names and one off the wall suggestion, the Mashed Potato Bulletin was born.    

Since that time, and after 291 posts, The Bulletin has been honored with a Versatile Blogger Award (thanks to The ObamaCrat), one much appreciated compliment from Mayors Against Illegal Guns for a gun control article rooted close to home, several Open Salon editor’s picks and a group of regular readers and commenters of which any writer would be envious.

I want to take a moment to thank all who have stopped by, stayed for a while and contributed to the fully enjoyable experience I’ve had here. In return I will do my best to produce read-worthy material that educates, informs and hopefully amuses from time to time.


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9 Comments to “Mashed Potato Bulletin turns 1 year old”

  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your blog!

  2. Happy birthday to you, hap … I can’t say any more without violating a copyright. Ain’t this country grand. Some fool copyrights a song that had been in the public domain for decades and we let him!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Happy anniversary spuds! And a fine first year it has been. Plentry to be proud of!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    As a citizen of The Northern Colony (a.k.a. Canada) I appreciate reading your wisdom on political events in “America”. You do it well.

  5. Thanks everyone… so glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve found here thus far. Like I said I’ll try to keep it entertaining and will hopefully be around another year 🙂

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