Daily Scoop: Romney’s “Free Government Money 101” [video]

In what could become Mitt Romney’s J.D. Hayworth moment this ABC News video utterly contradicts the Republican presidential candidates calls to severely cut government spending. As with J.D. Hayworth – John McCain’s Tea Party challenger in 2010 who was caught in “Free Government Money” informercial which contributed to his election loss – this video may be the metaphorical topper to the ex-governor’s campaign of flip-flopping. Depending on the coverage it receives, Mitt may have essentially shot himself in the foot.

Feel free to reblog, retweet and spread this video around the web to any of those who may still be on the fence during this important election.



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5 Comments to “Daily Scoop: Romney’s “Free Government Money 101” [video]”

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Lyin UnFitt Mitt has been finished for a long time, lets hope this video helps him realize that. Great post Mashed Potato Bulletin.

  2. I wish it were that easy to finish off Romney’s campaign. But there is like 10000 different Mitt Romney’s campaigning for president out there (moderate Mitt, conservative Mitt, pro-abortion Mitt, anti-abortion Mitt, etc.), so if you finish off one, 9999 still remain.

    • Yea, you’re probably right. And there’s also a stubornness out there among the anti-Obama crowd, those voters who are participating solely to vote against the President. To those people, there is little outside of a criminal prosecution of Mitt that would keep them from voting to oust Obama.

      This is evident in all the rape, anti-women talk by a number of GOP congressional candidates whose polls are tight despite those crazy mentalities.

      • I doubt even a criminal prosecution for murder will have a serious impact. The right wing will be convinced that Obama is trying to sink his rival. Sure, it cost Romney the election, but he could still count on getting at least 30% of the vote even then.

  3. Mittens makes me dizzy following his ever evolving postions. Unfortunately, if they haven’t made a difference by now in convincing people to vote for Obama, then I don’t think this will. But this is why Romney is losing big in Massachusetts. It is not only because we are a blue, blue state but we know what a lousy Governor he actually was.

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