Daily Scoop: What did Piers Morgan – Alex Jones Interview Accomplish?

Piers-Morgan laughingWhat did the interview, or more accurately the everything anti-government rant, with Alex Jones actually accomplish? Many of us have watched the video and witnessed the bizarre logic used by the, now infamous, gun rights advocate, blogger and radio host to justify current gun rights laws and what will happen if those guns are taken away. But what was the reasoning behind Mr. Morgan’s offer of a national stage interview with what many would consider a radical, anti-government conspiracy theorist? Well perhaps within the question lies the answer. Was this simply a way to provide one of the prominent faces of the far-right, gun rights advocacy with enough rope to hang himself, along with a sizable portion of the anti-gun control crowd itself?

An article in today’s Christian Science Monitor seems to agree with that assessment. Did it do any good? Maybe if Mr. Morgan steps back, stops baiting the crazy and lets the noose tighten on its own.

Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones feud: helping or hurting gun control?

Piers Morgan’s instantly infamous interview with Alex Jones on gun control has started a feud that’s getting weirder by the day. CNN host Mr. Morgan on Tuesday described his encounter with Mr. Jones the night before on “Piers Morgan Tonight” as “terrifying,” and added that Jones’s unhinged rants are the best advertisement for gun control he can think of. Meanwhile, Texas talk-radio host Jones – a self-described “paleoconservative” – accused Morgan of joking on-air about shooting him.

Will any of this affect the actual chance of passage for national gun legislation? Well, maybe. Even staunch gun-rights supporter Glenn Beck noted on Tuesday that Jones sounds “crazy” and makes it easy for liberals to portray the right as extremists on this issue.

But the whole thing is becoming so outrageous that it may end up as nothing but a vaudeville show that occupies viewers’ time while VP Joe Biden meets with the NRA and other groups to try to come up with a serious approach to what might be done to lessen firearm violence.

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7 Comments to “Daily Scoop: What did Piers Morgan – Alex Jones Interview Accomplish?”

  1. It showed me just how insane this jones idiot is. Before this interview, I had not heard of alex jones, and I’m pleased I had not.

  2. He is getting exactly what he wants, free publicity for his radio show, which I bet you $10K, has had it’s ratings boosted through the roof. He wins and America continues to die.

  3. They don’t want credibility they want attention.
    Attention = ratings = $$$/votes/ whatever.
    But one of the less talked about results of this last election was ‘middle America’ seeing over and over displays like this and saying ‘Whoa. That’s too much.’
    I agree. Give them more attention. Expose them even more.
    Rants of hate don’t bring solutions to the table and we are waking up enough to know we need solutions.

    • Money and ratings… yeah that’s probably true FatherKane, that’s all they really want. They are already convinced of their own undeniable credibility.

      Another great point. People saw the crazy for what it was and they got a little scared that those people were very close, if not already in, positions of power. Perhaps, we are finally witnessing the first cracks forming in the contrived reality that fox “news” and others have created. Hopefully, the walls come tumbling down as more people decided they have truly had enough.

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