Daily Scoop: GW’s Interior Secretary’s New Bathroom Cost WHAT?

KempthorneAs we watch the congressional Republicans demand sacrificial spending cuts for not hobbling the U.S. economy over raising the debt ceiling, the cost taxpayers paid for George Bush’s Interior Secretary’s personal bathroom has come to light.Dirk  Kempthorne, former Idaho governor, served as the Bush Administration’s Secretary of the Interior from 2006 to 2008. It took six years but the bill for his personal restroom renovations has finally been released and it cost taxpayers a whopping $222,000, more than many houses cost.

Congressional Republicans incorrectly view raising the nation’s debt ceiling as providing the President a blank check but as Obama more accurately stated the true situation is raising the debt ceiling is covering the bills already approved by Congress. Unfortunately, for the American taxpayer, many of those bills were accrued under the Bush administration which included such extravagances as Mr. Kempthorne’s bathroom. It makes one wonder, how many other luxuries were afforded officials under the previous administration beyond the already well known unpaid for actions including 2 wars, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and the massive 2001 & 2003 tax cuts.

These are the bills we are still paying for, are they not?

Is it not time for the congressional Republicans to recognize their own culpbability for the current state of the national debt and stop threatening the current economic recovery for the sake of claiming a political victory?


Kempthorne's Bathroom

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4 Comments to “Daily Scoop: GW’s Interior Secretary’s New Bathroom Cost WHAT?”

  1. When I saw the headline I thought it was Ken Salazar for a moment as was getting ready to scream at him – even though he is leaving. But than I say who it was and wasn’t surprised. We are still paying for two wars also which is something no one seems to be able to make the Republican’s understand.

    Good to see a post from you.

  2. I am very amazed by the information of this blog and i am glad i had a look over the blog. thank you so much for sharing such great information.it really helped me alot.

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