About The Mash

Welcome to the Mashed Potato Bulletin!

As the voting public’s view of government shifts into increasing
disillusionment and frustration with what has become, essentially, a
mish-mash of political games played out in a gridlocked Congress, the
national conversations and debates have deteriorated into fairly
narrow, oversimplified and contradictory messages.  The question
arises, “How to make sense of it all?”.

Throughout the maze of punditry and virtual nonstop news broader assessment
seems almost out of the question. Peering into the past to learn from
and compare to the present is simply not in the cards.  The complex
issues the public wrestles with are not ones that can be whittled
down into truncated, convenient talking points. More times than not
one may find themselves stuttering in mental disbelief demanding of
the television screen, radio host or news article author to look
deeper. Take in the bigger picture.

It is amidst this confusing atmosphere that this journal inserts itself,
to conjure some sense out of the convoluted mess of mashed potato

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For those wishing to take part in discussions in this site’s forums I have but one rule I request that you adhere to…please be civil and show respect for the others commenting on here. There is no reason why a certain level of professionalism and substantive discussion cannot be maintained.


About the Author

My academic and research background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science with research into coastal and marine habitats and published work in the area of marine mammal research. Professionally, my background includes work in public health, environmental health, emergency response planning and commercial fisheries research. I have lived, worked and traveled throughout much of North America, Central America and Europe. In addition, I hold on loosely, at least, to aspirations of fiction writing.

14 Comments to “About The Mash”

  1. Howdy!

    I am writing to ask if I may periodically repost some of your content.

    I share and enjoy your perspective and want to spread the word to my readers as well.

    Feel free to contact me directly at mbcalyn@mbcalyn.com, or my contact page at mbcalyn.com

    P.S. if you spot something at mbcalyn.com that you like, feel free to use it.
    With proper credit accordingly of course.

    Reciprocity is a good thing.


    • Thanks for liking machimon.wordpress.com. Initially we started posting articles on anthropology and Meso/South America but lately have been posting more on politics (left) and serendipity. We speak Spanish and Portuguese. I am J Carlos Deegan on FB. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for “liking” my post “Republican Follies”. I like yours too. It’s a pretty good summation of the zeitgeist. Mashed potatoes indeed. It would be pretty nice to find even a lone little potato wedge that escaped the masher. You know?

    • Thank you! You know, you’re the first to comment on that analogy:-) “Mashed potato politics” just seemed to describe the current environment so well.

      It’d be nice if a few wedges escaped the mashed and find thier voices again.

  3. Tell me that’s not really mashed potatoes in an ice cream cone…

    Good blog. 🙂

  4. Hi, thanks for liking my blog post on Gingrich and migratory birds!

  5. I came here compliments of A Frank Angle which suggested your site as a good one. It is. I like the subject. Seems that both political parites in the US are Lost in Space. I am not even sure where the center in politics is any longer.

    • Randel, thank you for stopping by and glad you found what you’ve seen so far interesting. Very true there is a Lost feeling in the politics of the US and it is hard to find the center sometimes, especially when many in the politcal arena have become so extreme.
      Thanks again for having a look around and feel free to share your thoughts and insights anytime.

  6. Hi mpbulletin. Just dropping by to check out your place. Great digs; plus I LOVE mashed potatoes. LOL Thanks for all you do to inform.

    • Ametia> Thanks for dropping by. Glad you found things here to your liking. I’ve enjoyed your writings too. Always good to hear from another who’se trying to keep the record straight 🙂

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