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September 15, 2012

Daily Scoop: Why judges are dismantling the GOP agenda

A year after Wisconsin exploded in protest over Republican legislation to gut collective bargaining for public employees, a Wisconsin judge has nullified the law, ruling on Friday that it violates workers’ equal rights under the Constitution.

Those dramatic union reforms and the political theater it sparked last year turned Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker into a Republican hero and helped balance the state’s budget.

With its focus on a signature Republican law, Friday’s ruling also highlights a series of state and federal rulings over the last year that have turned back major tenets of a Republican agenda fueled by the massive electoral victories the party brought home in November 2010, when it took over the House of Representatives and won nine governorships.

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June 6, 2012

The Daily Scoop: NY Fed Judge Finds DOMA Unconstitutional

While this is encouraging seeing one more federal judge find the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, it is also odd reading her reasoning. It interferes with the states’ rights to make determinations about domestic relations. Until the the late 1960’s many states had laws against interracial relationships and marriages. The Supreme Court ruled these laws unconstitutional in 1967. Given the history and the active banning of gay marriage in many states, have the states themselves shown they are not all that capable of ensuring those rights to equality provided within the US Constitution?  

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