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October 22, 2012

“Horses & Bayonets”; A Most Beautiful Moment

The most beautiful moment of the 3rd presidential debate was when President Obama educated Mitt Romney about the modern US Navy. If you look close, you can watch Romney’s jaw steadily tighten and his lip grin stretch thinner and thinner throughout the President’s lecture. Overall, the takeaway of this scene is Mr. Romney’s misunderstanding that the US Navy is not a game of boys pushing their toy ships around a map of the world, it’s about the reality of the modern military, the men and women serving within in it and the global responsibilities one takes on as commander-in-chief?  

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April 5, 2012

Setting the Obama “Hot Mic” Record Straight

After President Obama and outgoing Russian President Medvedev “hot mic” comments hit the blogosphere a speculative frenzy erupted. From claims Obama was waiting until after the elections to cave to Russian demands to calls for his impeachment for “selling out” European allies, the political rumor mill shifted into high gear once the private comment became public and have yet to slow down. What is missing from this particular bout of over-speculation is a simple explanation for what the conversation actually meant.

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