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February 8, 2013

Daily Scoop: Dare we dream?

High-Speed Rail_CAFor anyone who’s traveled or lived abroad in Europe the thought of hopping a train and heading crosscountry, the Obama Administration’s high speed rail push was a cause to cheer. Unfortunately, an obstinant Republican Party, fresh from their spending binges of the Bush years, cried foul, screaming about huge debts while governors of Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio refused the stimulative funds meant to initiate these projects.

These projects would have created high-speed rail transporation hubs in strategic metropolitan areas across the country and

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May 24, 2012

To High-speed Rail or Not to High-speed Rail

Having spent a decent amount of time living and traveling throughout Europe I consider myself an avid enthusiast of passenger rail. Each time I return to the US I am almost disappointed that I have to climb back behind the wheel of a car to go anywhere instead of hopping a train. When President Obama announced his pursuit of high-speed rail expansion across the country, I was needless to say, jubilant but in the end unsurprised when Republican lawmakers crucified the effort and state governors refused their portions of federal funding.

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